Are you a DIY bride or a wedding coordinator/planner who is wanting to skip the investment of a florist putting together your florals, and instead, do them yourself? We totally understand needing to cut costs and adjust finances as necessary! However, there are some things that you might need help with like selecting flowers, counting quantities, and ordering. Our team is happy to assist you with the behind the scenes aspects of selecting your flowers to fit exactly what you are looking for, without investing in a florist to do them for you. Our team charges $50 an hour for ordering and planning, and then the cost of the flowers if you are wanting us to order the flowers for you (an additional $50+ will be added for shipping if needed). The process (depending on the size of the wedding and the amount of revisions the customer needs to make from the initial quote/mood board that we send over) can take anywhere between 1 hour to 6 hours.

Here is a glimpse into what this process would look like:

You would inquire with us telling us your colors, personal flower, ceremony flower, cocktail flower, and reception flower needs

We will respond with a quote and a mood board to show you an estimate of what something like that would cost you at wholesale


Approval and signed contract with payment