These Flowers Reputations Have Been Ruined...

Today, we are showcasing the most underrated flowers in the floral industry. These guys are the black sheep that many don’t even think about when they want a “higher end” flower design. These are the guys that we here at Urban Flora forget about sometimes. So often, people hear these names and probably get an idea of what they look like in their mind. Let’s try it… carnations, roses, and chrysanthemums. Yup…you’re probably thinking of a cheap neon carnation at the grocery store, a crisp red bulb looking rose, and bright yellow or orange chrysanthemums that you only buy during fall. Well, we want to break the mold and break the stigma. We are going to showcase these three picks in a different light, one that restores these little guys reputation’s. 

First up, are our little friends at the grocery store. Carnations are usually found dyed neon colors. Depending on the holiday, they can be blue, red, green, red, etc. Uhh, this makes us so sad! These flowers are so so beautiful and we love using them in our bouquets as fill flowers. Fill flowers are exactly what they sound like by the way - they go in as a filler, usually creating more dimension and texture to the bouquet. We especially love the long single stems that create a clean look with a smaller blooming flower at the top. The ruffling provides some soft texture, but also gives the bouquet some density!


Next up are roses. Some of you might absolutely hate the thought of receiving a rose, but we bet you wouldn’t mind these. Roses come in so many different types and colors that most people don’t know about! Our favorite types to use are cappuccino roses and quicksand roses. Their names speak for themselves. These guys both feature a beautiful garden rose look with a muted beige/ rose tone. We live for these. When we use them in our work, they are usually our main flowers. The ones that we work the rest of the piece around - the focal flowers. A tip for roses (to make them look their best) is to reflex the petals. Do this carefully though, because its easy to break off some petals. This, we find, gives roses their best look. Here’s an example of a reflexed rose! (Slightly pull the petal downwards, creating a more open effect).


Lasty, chrysanthemums. These flowers are usually found all over Home Depot or Lowes in the fall. The ones that you see usually in the rustic looking pots are a little smaller and have more of a basic look. The chrysanthemums that we love using, also as our main flowers, are heirloom chrysanthemums. They have more of a ribbon like texture and also come in more muted colors. Can you tell we love all the muted tones?! 


So next time you see any of these three flowers at the grocery store, and question whether or not they can actually look GOOD…pick them up and try styling them! Even if they aren’t the exact flower we are using, we promise with small ways, like reflexing your rose petals, and sticking with the same tones in your piece…It will immediately elevate your flower creation. Let’s restore these flower’s reputations. We are sure they wouldn’t be mad about it.