How To: Keep Your Wedding Bouq Forever

We did a little poll recently on our Instagram about what you all wanted to see more of on the blog! One of those things was how to preserve your wedding bouquet past your wedding date! One of the things that can be super frustrating is spending a large amount of money on your wedding flowers and then throwing your bouquet to a single lady on the dance floor and never seeing it again. 

You spend so much time with us, or another florist, drafting a dream bouquet, that you want to treasure and we really want you to treasure! And we have some ways you can do that! 

  1. Dry your Bouq!

This is one of the simplest ways to preserve your bouquet - but we think its still beautiful! You can either keep your bouquet intact and hang it upside down with some rope or fishing line in a cool but dry place. You don’t want it in an area that may create a ton of heat or steam, like a kitchen or bathroom,  because the flowers will start to mold. Keep it dry and dark.


If you don’t want to dry the whole bouquet, pull apart a few stems and press them! To press your stems, get out your parchment paper and lay the flowers as flat as you can between two pieces. Place them between a book or between two heavy flat objects. 

2. Creating Oils With Your Petals

If you aren’t into dried flowers then you can always pick off the stems from your flowers, or have your maid of honor do it for you while you’re on your honeymoon. (Great excuse for passing off the task!). Keep the petals and dry them on a paper towel or piece of parchment paper and then create an oil roller or an oil blend that you can place the petals in. We especially love rose petals for oil blends. Pop them in a roller and boom, they will start to give off their scent.

3. Pressing Your Petals And Making Jewelry 

This goes along with our first point (Pressing your flowers) so if you skipped to this section, go ahead and go back to read our first point to know how to dry your flowers! After you’ve successfully pressed them, search through Amazon for a little necklace that can house the petals! OR, better idea, get it all made for you! We have partnered with seed and soil because we absolutely love their products! Check them out for pressed flower jewelry here. Use our code, urbanflora10 for a little discount at checkout!

4. Getting your bouquet sketched or embroidered (We LOOOOOVE this)

This is one of our favorite ways to preserve your bouquet! There are super bomb artists on Etsy that we love, but we also have an artist friend who sketches some of our bouquets, and we love her even more. Find her on IG down below!

IG: @Kaylieacuna or @kay_illustrates

We hope these tips inspire you to treasure that bouquet for longer than a day. Flowers are such a keepsake, and hold such special memories of one of the best days of your life. Treasure it forever gals!