How To Balance Your Work/Home Life

Since we are on a kick this week diving into ‘How to’ blogs, we thought we’d throw one more your way. It goes hand in hand with starting your morning off with a bang, so if you haven’t read Tuesday’s blog post on how to start your mornings – go read it girl!

Here at Urban Flora, it is essential that our work/home life has some margin. This isn’t to say that there aren’t some blurred lines sometimes. There are plenty of nights where our husbands are sleeping where we’ll be scrolling through Pinterest, pinning floral bouquets until midnight, or eating dinner by the computer, answering emails, just to get that extra work in. We all do it, but don’t think it’s necessarily the healthiest thing ever. It definitely does not work long term.

We want to share with you all, whether your work right now is being a full time student, business owner, or employee, the tips and tricks we’ve found to balancing this very fast paced world with self care and making strides away from the two dreadful words…burn out.


1.       Schedule Your Work Hours– This is SO IMPORTANT. If you don’t already have scheduled work hours, this is key to maintaining margin in your day. We try to be up by 7 or 8 a.m, start our workday by 9 a.m, and end somewhere around 4 or 5. P.M.

Think about this – if you did have scheduled work hours, you would be forced to maintain your life around that 9-5 grind anyway. Working from home gives you a little leeway, but it helps to treat it like a scheduled job.

2.       Create An Inspiring Environment (Especially if you’re a Type 3) – Let’s just be real here for a sec. Do you feel your best working in bed with makeup still caked on from the night before? (We are speaking from personal experience). The answer for us is at least - heeeecccck no! We find to be most productive out of the house, in an inspiring environment like a coffee shop, or communal work space, when we aren’t in the studio.  If you can’t get out of the house, set aside a work space area that inspires you and makes you feel prepared for the work ahead.

Pro Tip: Two words – NATURAL LIGHT. Get out of that dark grungy space, and into some natural light. We find that natural light not only is great to do work in, but makes you feel good too.


3.       Carve Out “Away” Time – Get away from your work every now and then. It’s so easy to work yourself so hard that you end up not having a social life. The kind of life that leads to burn out. Get out with guy or girl friends every once in a while. We find that at Urban Flora, even running errands or grabbing coffee with friends, or other local business owners, is like hitting the refresh button!

4.       Establish Ground Rules – Last but not least, establish time for that laundry that’s been sitting in the washer for two days…that you now have to re-wash. If you don’t schedule a time for chores – they simply don’t get done. Don’t forget – if you treat your work from home life as if you were working elsewhere, things will start to get messy. Whether you have to put a reminder in your phone, or schedule it in Google Calendar. Get it done girl!

We hope that this helps all you out there that have struggled with this as much as us. If you don’t struggle at all with your work life balance – we’re jealous! This is one of those been there, done that, scenarios. Most important of all – enjoy that work from home life, don’t be too rigid with yourself, but set boundaries that will maximize your time and forget about perfection. Progress is more important!