How To Start Your Morning As A Small Business Owner

Waking up in the morning is hard. Like really hard. We wish we could say that we were morning people over here at Urban Flora. Well one of us is (Sarah Beth). She probably kills this routine and gets it done at like 5 a.m. But for Katelyn and Victoria, this routine is VITAL. If you are a fellow business owner it can be so tough to get yourself motivated and even just out of the dang bed in the morning. That is why we are sharing a morning routine that we have found to be pretty effective in the ‘being your own boss’ world. This is the be a ‘Sarah Beth’ morning routine.

Disclaimer!!! This routine is totally just a template of what works for us. Switch it up, change how long or short you do things, add in your own routines! It’s all about what works for you and what motivates you to be a boss and kill your goals! 


Love Your Mornings

& be a goal crusher.

1. Wake up relatively early. (This is more important than you think!) It jumpstarts your day and overall gives your more time. Time is precious in the business world! 

2. Make your bed. Let’s be real here…a made bed just feels GOOD. If you get this small task done, you’re more likely to crush those other tasks you have on your ‘to do’ list.  As the former Navy Seal trainer William McRaven would say, “You can change the world by making your bed.” How inspiring is that.

3. Turn on the diffuser! We loooove oils at UrbanFlora. They are great non-toxic candle replacements and we love our studio smelling amazing. In the morning, get the diffuser going - it’s a simple joy that makes the morning that much sweeter. 

Our personal fav blend - (Young Living) JOY & Citrus Fresh  


4. Read or educate yourself. This is something we’ve found gets our minds going. Taking even 15 min to learn something new helps motivate, encourage and inspire you as you start your day!

5. Get Active. Whether its going for a morning run/ walk/ pilates class, your body is going to feel awake as soon as you get it moving. Exercise is also proven to get you in an overall better mood and energize you. 

6. Set Goals. Write those overwhelming tasks down. Visualize yourself getting them done. We promise this will help SO much. Whether its your personal life or business life, checking off those goals will feel so good and it’ll make you want to get more done! 

7. Start small. We feel that the most helpful tip is just remembering that you’re not alone in this. Everyone struggles with getting everything done. It’s hard! We feel you. Just remember, start small, work hard, and you’ll slowly but surely start to see progress. 

We would love to hear if you’ve tried our morning routine and what you might have done differently! DM us or email us. Let’s go on this goal crushing journey together!