What’s In Our Bag? Day Of Edition.

Wedding Days are super fun for us. We have ordered, prepped, and designed everything  to make your wedding day magical. As we flick off the lights (usually at a super late hour on Fridays,) pieces and product are all sitting in our Studio - in all their glorious beauty, ready to light up your wedding day and make it next level. Yes, we love thinking that our flowers have little personalities and thoughts - sometimes we even talk for them. (This especially happens on those super late Friday nights where we may or may not be a little tired). 

The night before our wedding weekends, we want to make sure that everything is pieced together perfectly. We check lists, orders, and product three times over just to make sure we are 100 percent ready to just do our thing the next morning. 

One of the steps in being prepared for our wedding weekends is packing our big a** straw bag. This bag is not just any bag. It’s a bag that literally holds our lives inside it for the weekend. Without this thing, we would be lost. Not an exaggeration. 

Think of this as a window into our toolkit. We want to literally “unpack our bag” before you so you can get a glimpse of how we do things, what we use, and maybe get a little bit more of an idea of who we are.  We are linking everything below as well, so if you’re an aspiring florist, maybe just need a tool upgrade, or just a plain ole’ flower lover, you can snag some of these items for yourself! 

Our Massive Market Straw Bag 

If Mary Poppins were a millenial, she would have this bag. No doubt. This thing carries anything and everything. It also hides the mess we sometimes create when we tend to get busy and just toss things into it. If you’re not a florist like us - this is still a great bag for the beach, weekend trips, groceries, etc.  Buy it here!


What’s Inside: 


We have tried A LOT of different brands of shears. Nothing comes close to these. They blow everything else out of the water. Just buy them…HERE.

Floral Tape 

We always use waterproof tape for our bouqs, centerpieces, installations, etc. This insures that everything taped will hold even with getting wet while sitting in vases, in vessels, or being sprayed with water post installation. We buy ours from our wholesaler but here is some very similiar! HERE!

Command Hooks (CLEAR)

It is so important for us to have these in our toolkit. Half of our installations start with these tiny little superheros. These stick to almost any surface and hold all of the smilax that we love to pile on them! HERE!

Our Linen Aprons 

Our aprons don’t just serve the purpose of pulling together a cohesive floral team, but they also hold all of our supplies while running through venues placing everything we need placed. Find them here!

We also love these too!



We are totally not about the really shiny almost fake looking ribbon that most retail stores sell. So we source our hand dyed ribbon from a company we love. It gives our bouquets that icing on cake, while still going with our look. These ribbons boast soft hues, earthy tones, and raw material. 

Their shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HeyItsOHsoPretty

Most Important of All:


During our hectic wedding weekends, we don’t always get to these - but many times before we make it to a local lunch or dinner spot, we pop open our snack as an appetizer in the car. We usually are starving. Sometimes its carrots and hummus, apples, or our favorite homemade ave and tahini salad. Here are a few of our favorites if we want something quick: 

Chocolate Quinoa Granola 

Trader Joe’s Organic String Cheese 

Trader Joes Hummus (Okay, anything Trader Joes…WE LOVE)

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars (These guys also come in a Chocolate Brownie flavor too…YUM!)

We love flowers, but we are also foodies over here too. So we hope, if you didn’t need the floral tool advice that you can try out some of our bomb snack recs! We hope that you enjoyed looking into our day - of wedding bag and are loving getting to know us more! xx