The Power of Your 'No'

Everyone Struggles

Whether you’re an extrovert, introvert, or somewhere in between, we think everyone struggles with this. Pressure and people-pleasing are two main reasons why many times it is so hard to say that two letter word - no. Innate in us are these characteristics and they can make saying ‘no’ one of the cringiest things you’ve ever had to do. 

As a business, we find ourselves often times in a bind of being professionally courteous, while also letting our client know that we just cannot perform what they’ve asked. Particularly in situations either out of our control, or in things we have already outlined in a contract. Don’t get us wrong…it was really tough that first time. We started feeling like we were letting someone down, or that the client would ultimately go and seek out that particular request somewhere else. 

Ultimately though, that was the reality. We just had to face it head on and accept it. 


Your ‘Yes’ Becomes Worthless

Saying ‘yes’ as often as we did, really spread us thin. It weakened our work ethic, made us feel burnt out and most importantly really drained all the excitement and energy out of our true ‘Yes’!’ Our yeses were no longer meaningful, carefully thought-out, or impactful. 

There was a time where we felt like we had to say ‘yes’ to everything, and that ‘no’ could not exist in our business. If we said ‘no’ it made us weak, unfriendly, and devalued our brand. Boy…were we wrong. 

It took time. It took practice. And it took really learning how to create margin in our business to really be able to say the word ‘no’ - in a gracious but confident way. In a way that gave us freedom, creativity, and excitement back into those things that we could do, and do well!

Helpful Reminders

One thing that helped us with this was always giving a reason to why we are saying ‘no’. Whether in our emails or in phone calls, there is usually always a reason that we have for why we simply “cannot”. We explain this, so the other person feels heard, valued, and comes to an understanding with us of why we have to say no. 

We also love to support our clients/friends. If you are a client, or have ever worked with us - you are a friend to us. And friends support other friends. So if we ever have to say ‘no’ for whatever the reason - we like to give support in some way. By offering another type of service, another time, another vendor, or some type of option, we hope to show that we want to treat you like friends and to know that we truly do care! 

If You Scrolled Past Everything - Just Read This

‘No’ is not a horrible thing. It is actually very powerful. So is your ‘yes’. Guard both. Establish guidelines for both. Value both. When you do this, you create margin and harmony in your life that propels you to the successful life you have been pursuing. Whether in the little or the big things.