Intimate, Bohemian-Inspired Virginia Wedding

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photos by Hailey Pierce (hailes8)


We wanted to make it family oriented. We picked the location because it was a great set up for mixing and community. We each had our parents pray over us and had personal time with our siblings. Also, we set a chair out in remembrance of my mom. -Alison (bride)

Alison and Brad found a lot of their inspiration in the dreams and their Pinterest boards. They both love the bohemian feel, but with a dash of elegance. 

The most memorable part of their wedding was the moment right before Ali and her dad approached the doors to the ceremony. While they were waiting, her dad turned to her and said, "The best days are yet to come."

A helpful tip that Ali and Brad learned from their wedding was that with their wedding outside in May, handkerchiefs saved the day. They also found that taking pictures before the wedding helped them save time after the ceremony and they were able to spend more time with family. Not everything will go according to plan, which is okay! Just let it be. You will be marrying your bestie at the end of the day and you will get to do life with them every day! If you get a wedding coordinator, they will be such a brilliant investment. You will forget things without them!

I tried so hard to stay present as much as possible, but nothing kept the day from flying by. In the end, though, my dad was right: ‘Better days are yet to come.’ My marriage isn’t the wedding day, it’s every day after that. -Alison (bride)

F L O W E R S  + R I B B O N   U S E D:

Peonies, Cappuccino Roses, Quicksand Roses, Anemones, Orlaya, Majolica Spray Roses, Ranunculus, Campanula, Gunni Eucalyptus, Seeded Eucalyptus -- Peau and Cotton silk ribbons from Frou Frou Chic


Venue: The Kyle House
Catering: Schaal 's Events
Planner: Tasha Willet

Dress: Bellisima Bridal

Flowers: Urban Flora

Band: Woody and Marcia McKenzie / Bluegrass, folk

Cake: Magnolia Foods

Hair: Andrea Miller

Make-up: Rachael Goldson - Mary Kay

Ring: Bowen and Blue Nile (Ali designed her own ring)