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Jake and Jessica met about 4 years ago during their first year at University in their math class (I guess math class isn't always bad!) and they have been together since. Jake joined the Army Reserves and Army ROTC his freshmen year of school so every summer he leaves for training. While spending the summers apart is tough, it’s taught them to truly appreciate the time they have together and prepared them for their future as a military family. Jake recently commissioned into the Army as an Officer and they will be moving to Colorado in a few months!

“Communicate with your partner as much as possible, especially when you’re upset with them. Your partner can’t read your mind. Your plan may not always work out, just trust the process. ”

Jake and Jessica's crazy, romantic love story

photos by Ashley Watters Photography | contact:

Love is standing by each other’s side no matter how hard things get. Love is supporting each other. Love is taking care of each other. Love is making each other laugh. Love is eating Mexican food at least twice a week together.
-Jessica (Bride-To-Be)

------------------------ June 7th, 2018 --------------------------

When Jake proposed, he took Jessica down to a small chocolate fondue shop right before Christmas. While they were waiting for our fondue to come out, Jake got down on one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. 


Last year Jessica got pretty sick. Not just a cold or a stomach virus kind of sick, it was a toxic reaction to antibiotic she was given for a kidney infection. She had a lot of neurological symptoms including not being able to walk for several months, loosing feeling in her hands and feet, memory issues, and a laundry list of other things. When she first got sick she was worried Jake wouldn’t want to be with me anymore since she couldn’t do a lot of things they used to do together. Jake constantly reassured her that he wasn’t going anywhere. Jake has stood by her side the whole time she was sick and while she continues to recover, this is how she knew he was the one. Who could ask for a better partner?