My mission is to use the talents and gifts I have been given to create something uniquely and beautifully my own out of the Father’s creation. There is so much joy that comes from the life-giving aroma and colors in the arrangements that depict my own sense of creativity and authenticity. I want to join in with other people through certain journeys of their lives such as: weddings, holidays, graduations, or just as a simple gestures of appreciation. 

Katelyn Sandy

As a recent alumni of Liberty University, I ventured to Oregon in search of adventure and creativity. While I was there, I met a lovely florist who quickly became one of my dearest friends. She taught me everything she knew, and I took away bits and pieces of those lessons in order to come up with something uniquely my own. It brings me such joy and refreshment to create something lovely to share with those around me. Now, I work out of my home studio in Central Virginia helping to bring your floral dream into reality!